The Most Popular Live Casino Canada Games

It is particularly easy nowadays to access the world of mobile online casinos with a live dealer from anywhere you can be. It is therefore advisable to be very careful about which games give you the best chance of hitting the jackpot with the variety of games available. Applicable from your search engine on PC or mobile phones the choice remains delicate.

girls playing live roulette

What is a live casino and how does it work?

Also known as live dealer casinos due to their ability to see people in real-time via the installed webcam, they are emerging with the intention of reminding players of the warmth that a land-based casino venue can provide. With very high-definition video qualities it’s just like being there with a surreal atmosphere guaranteed. The ability to interact with the individual in front of you every time makes the environment perfect.

The ability to gather several participants from all over the world around the same table is simply captivating.

Best live casino games

The best online casinos are particularly characterized by their greater respect for legislation. Accessible on tablets, smartphones and PCs, they are different from each other and offer different games. Offering players the possibility to interact in real-time by a chat with each other and with the dealers, the live casino Canada platforms ends up catching up with reality with all the fluidity it has.

Whether it’s blackjack, roulette, baccarat or live poker, determining the best live game is a matter of reflecting the chance rate, also known as the player return rate, which is the percentage of a player’s chance of winning a game.

Live blackjack

With a winning percentage of approximately 99.87%, Blackjack is probably the oldest online game with the highest winning percentage. The object of the game is to challenge the dealer for the most points without exceeding 21, and the original 52-card count has varied from country to country over time.

live blackjack illustration on green background

Live poker

Famous among live casinos and also reputed to be the game of elegance, poker remains a must. The principle is to place an ‘Ante’ bet in order to receive cards and see the other players opt to ‘call’ or ‘fold’. Exceeding 99% and often reaching 99.92%, you will easily beat your opponents if you are focused enough.

Live baccarat

Baccarat is a very famous game of French origin giving the opportunity to vary between its railroad and punto banco games. It is not surprising that it regularly returns to players easily 98.94%. This ease of betting on the banker, the player or on a tie is fascinating. As a technical matter, one should always remember to bet on a winning side.

Differences between the live dealer and regular casino games

Available on the internet and mobile app, they offer a unique experience. With a truly surreal setting, there is no need to download an app to access them in the first instance. However, if you want to find your favourite games on your phone screen, you can get them from your Android shop or the App store.

Unlike computerized games, these are humans with whom it is possible to interact and that makes all the difference.


In order to offer the entire atmosphere that land-based casinos can offer, casinos with dealers were created to transport their players beyond the realm of reality. The joy of playing in front of other humans is magnificent. With no need to travel, no limitation of participants, it is simply a treat.