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Thanks to our generous sponsors:

Carpool Week Sponsor: Alberta Motor Association

Carpool Week Sponsor: CAA Saskatchewan

Carpool Week Sponsor: Calgary Parking Authority

Carpool Week Sponsor: City of St. Albert

Carpool Week Sponsor: Farm Credit Canada

Carpool Month, October 1-31, 2013

The goal of Carpool Month is to increase carpool program awareness and encourage commuters to try carpooling. organized the first Canadian Carpool Week campaign in Calgary in October of 2003 and every year new communities get involved. In 2013, we are extending the promotional period to the entire month of October.

Carpool Month 2013 will take place in 13 communities including: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Regina, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Summerland, Peachland and Oliver.

Download our Carpool Month 2013 Poster in pdf or jpg formats

Thanks to our generous Carpool Month 2013 sponsors – the Alberta Motor Association, CAA Saskatchewan, Calgary Parking Authority, Farm Credit Canada, Okanagan Regional Partners and the City of St. Albert, we have a number of activities planned – some old and some new - to engage commuters during the month of October. The Carpool Month prize budget this year is $7,000. All prizes will be fuel cards in $100 denominations. Our 2013 activities include:

1. New Registrant: As always, our main goal is to grow our database of potential carpool partners in order to create new carpool groups. All participants registering with during Carpool Month (October 1-31, 2013) will be entered into random draws for fuel cards.

2. Returning Registrant Search: All current registrants returning to to search for new matches during Carpool Month will also be entered into random draws for fuel cards.

3. Trip Tracker: We encourage current participants to use the Trip Tracker feature. Participants tracking trips during October will be entered into a random draw.

4. Share Carpool Month e-file Poster on Facebook or Twitter: Participants are encouraged to share the Carpool Month e-file (digital version of the Carpool Month Poster) using social media in order to generate interest and increase reach. The e-file will be posted on Facebook and Twitter several times during October creating multiple opportunities to share and re-tweet.

5. Complete a Survey: This year we will incorporate surveying registered participants into the Carpool Month promotion. registrants will be emailed through and provided with a link to the Survey page. Fuel card prizes will be randomly awarded as incentives.

6. Participate in a Facebook Poll: A Poll app will be used to gather useful information and opinions from commuters. Random fuel cards draws will be used as incentives to encourage participation.

7. Calculate Your Commute & Share Results: Commuters are be encouraged to use the Commute Calculator and to share their solo daily commuting costs and potential savings via Facebook or Twitter using the link at the end of the Cost Calculator.

8. Share a Story: Carpoolers are invited to share their carpool stories to inspire others. Stories are submitted on-line and winning stories will be published on the site.

9. Tuesday Trivia: Played via our Facebook Page and using Twitter to engage participants, weekly carpool trivia questions are posted and a winner awarded a $100 fuel card prize for correct or closest correct answer.

10. Hallo-Winner: Costume Group or Carpool Decorating: Since the final day of Carpool Month is Halloween we are wrapping up the promotion by asking participants to share photos on Facebook or through Twitter of their decorated vehicle or their carpool group in costume. Prize(s) will be awarded subject to regional sponsorship levels and submissions received.

* Must be 18 years old to participate. Prizes limited to one per household. Winners must agree to release names in order to claim prizes. Draws will take place between October 1 and November 15, 2013. Winners will be notified directly and given one week to claim prizes. Unclaimed prizes will be re-drawn. launched Canada’s First Annual Carpool Week Campaign in partnership with the City of Calgary in 2003. Since that time additional communities have joined in. Past campaigns have played a key role in increasing the reach of Carpool Week promotional activities. This year’s multi-City campaign has provided us with another opportunity to coordinate sponsorships, promotional activities and media while creating a competition between both regions and corporations.

Participants come from nearly every sector and include financial institutions, governments, post-secondary institutions, health regions, NGOs and private businesses. works closely with these groups to promote Carpool Week at their workplaces.

Carpool Month initiates change behaviour by increasing knowledge and awareness of carpooling as a sustainable transportation choice. This is our 11th Annual Carpool Week Campaign. Thanks to our generous sponsors, this year Carpool Month will take place in thirteen communities in October 2013.