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It is impossible to under-estimate the value of marketing when it comes to introducing and maintaining a carpool program. Even the most sophisticated application is ineffective without marketing support - if nobody knows about a carpool program, nobody will use it! Marketing and promotion are essential to program success and a fundamental component of the program.

The adage “If you build it, they will come” is definitely not the case with carpool programs. To be successful, programs need to work continuously at changing commuters’ habits and behaviours. And changing behaviours takes time. We know that if commuters receive repeated messages in the media and at work about transportation options, over time they will make more sustainable choices. When those choices are convenient and incentives are provided, there is a possibility they might eventually become mainstream.

Our challenge, therefore, is to make carpooling convenient and brand as a sustainable, cost-saving alternative to driving alone. works closely with city government, employer and post-secondary partners to conduct regular promotions to emphasize this message and insure program success. Our partners’ success is our success! Our promotional materials vary and change regularly, but our logos, graphics and slogans remain consistently the same. Do Your Bit... Share It!